PHOTOMOD software family

comprises a wide range of products for the photogrammetric processing of remote sensing data.

PHOTOMOD – a complete solution for highly precise automatic processing of aerial, pushbroom and SAR satellite images to produce high quality maps, orthophotos, digital terrain and 3D models.

PHOTOMOD Lite is an excellent solution for scientific and educational projects and can be used for engineers and students training.

FROM IMAGERY TO MAP: digital photogrammetric technologies

Galantis, Inc. and partner Racurs are proud to announce the upcoming 16th annual International Technical and Scientific conference. This conference is held November 14-17, 2016 in Agra, India. About the conference: The geographical map is one of the major advancements...
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Racurs and Galantis announces the availability of PHOTOMOD V6.1.

V6.1 delivers the new dense DSM creation algorithm (SGM), with the ability to calculate volumes of embankments and excavations when comparing two DEMs.  Also the new V6.1 provides support of VNREDSat-1, DubaiSat-2 and KazEOSat imagery, as well as enhanced...
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Download free PHOTOMOD Lite 6.0 English version

PHOTOMOD Lite is free full featured digital photogrammetric software. PHOTOMOD Lite is intended for remote sensing data photogrammetric processing, and allows exploring PHOTOMOD wide-ranging possibilities and performance, implement projects with your own data set. The...
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College of Liberal Arts & Science

PHOTOMOD user – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, College of Liberal Arts & Science, Department of GIS, USA, Urbana, Illinois   The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has 13,000 students, 600 faculty, more than 60 departments and academic...
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PHOTOMOD Lite. 中文版本

PPHOTOMOD Lite 是一个免费的软件产品包,具备 PHOTOMOD 全数字摄影测量及遥感数据处理系统的所有功能。 PHOTOMOD Lite 可以最大限度地应用用户的数据测试 PHOTOMOD 系统处理能力和性能。 Lite 版本和正式版本的主要区别是影像数目、矢量目标、TIN 节点、陡断线等的限制。尽管如此,PHOTOMOD Lite 可以处理小型的摄影测量工程,以生成正射镶嵌图、 数字地形模型和矢量地图等。 PHOTOMOD Lite...
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PHOTOMOD is a modular system.

This allows users to obtain maximum benefit from its high level of flexibility.

The PHOTOMOD Digital Photogrammetric System makes it easy to organize step-by-step guidance through the entire production workflow and streamline whole image processing.

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PHOTOMOD advantages

Complete image data processing workflow without third party products

Wide range of supported sensors

Full line of data output: DTMs, 3D vectors, orthoimages, digital maps

Multiple data exchange formats

Full photogrammetric operations automation with comprehensive quality control at all stages of data processing

Flexible modular architecture

Unlimited image and DEM size

High scalability to terabyte-sized mosaics by supporting 64-bit architecture and multi-core CPUs support, hardware-accelerated graphics and GPGPU computing

Distributed network configuration for large projects implementation

Uniform program environment for seamless workflow

Wide choice of stereoviewing options and variety of input devices

Full and effective technical support

All over the world the PHOTOMOD software is used by hundreds commercial, government and academic organizations.

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